Water Management

Water Services

Water ManagementDoes your water system deliver what you want it to? You may have very specific needs concerning sufficiency of supply, water pressure or water quality. We can provide you with advice and recommendations to ensure that your supply gives you what you need including flow control, pressure control and management services. With your system set up correctly we will advise upon asset management.

We have a range of audit services to assist you in the management of your water system, see our water audits section.

Water Management Systems…

Use water technology and water control techniques to manage the water that you pay for; optimise water pumping regimes and the use of water boosters, utilise water storage to advantage. Ensure that water quality is maintained to provide safe water. When the water has been used, treat the sewage to enable it to be returned safely to the environment, minimising environmental impact.

The dynamics of your water system

Every component of your water system is a variable;

A change of pump can provide you with a different flow and/or a different pressure. Pump control systems can provide you with "softer" starting to reduce surge pressures within your system or vary pump speed to change supply to meet your demand.

Water storage can be increased to offer you more security should your supply fail, or reduced in response to deteriorating water quality through prolonged storage. Your water storage can be improved by ventilation, reconditioning tanks, improving inlet and outlet details.

Pipe sizes and configurations can be changed to improve flows and reduce friction within the system and improve water quality. Valves can provide greater control, improve system operation, provide a supply of water in an emergency, control flows and pressure.

If your system does not do what you want it to, speak to us.

Sewerage services

Does your sewerage system remove effluent effectively? You may have very specific needs concerning periodic blockage, surcharging, effluent quality, or smell. We can provide you with advice and recommendations to ensure that your system operates efficiently and performs in the way you want it to.

Your sewerage system

The components of your sewerage system can be modified to improve performance; reducing the risks of failure or providing for infrequent events, such as heavy storms or peak of flow due to process events.

Similarly, the quality of effluent can be improved through enhancements to the sewage treatment process.

If you have sewerage issues we will be pleased to discuss them with you