Water Audit


  • Water AuditsAssess to what extent system runs efficiently
  • Determine system weaknesses
  • Provides platform for tighter control of systems
  • Delivers reduction in charges, running costs and maintenance expenditure

A water audit provides you with a complete picture of the way that you use your water and generate sewage; providing you with insight on how the water use processes can be improved and better managed to conserve precious resources and reduce costs.

The audit assesses the extent to which your system allows water to be used efficiently. The water efficiency report is a management tool identifying wastage and showing how systems can be subject to leakage or water loss.

Whether you are using relatively small or very large volumes of water, considerable peace of mind comes with the knowledge that you are operating an efficient water system. You need to know that water is not being lost, wasted or misused. Our diagnostic service reviews water usage and your management systems to advise you upon the adequacy of your system and provide recommendations for improvements to the system.

Billing Audits

  • Reducing money spent on standing charges
  • Optimisation of meter sizing
  • Water and sewage treatment cost reduction

Our billing audit analyses consumption, your use of water comparing your water bill with your theoretical water use allowing for water losses; apparent losses (meter error, unauthorised use) and real losses (leaks, bursts and overflows).