Water System Diagnostic FAQs

Q: What are the benefits of a diagnostic review of my business?

A: The review may simply confirm that the management systems that you have in place are adequate. This will give you peace of mind that you have proper control over your water and sewerage systems.
For major users of water and those with extensive water and sewerage systems there will be an additional concern that expenditure on water services is tightly controlled and that the checks and balances employed to monitor cost are proportional to expenditure.

Those with ageing systems have concerns over the long term viability of their pipe work and may already be experiencing some operational problems. The systems may no longer meet the stringent requirements of the Water Regulations and there may be concerns about the health and safety of staff and customers alike.
Those with businesses that require water as a part of a process rely on a constant, adequate and secure supply. Each of these requirements must be properly addressed if the business is to properly control and manage the risks that it is exposed to.

Expansion and development require planning, will the additional water resources you require be in place when you expand, will those resources deliver what you need?

Clearly, the diagnostic delivers different things to different businesses. The value to a business is impossible to quantify in advance. Significantly, payback times are generally short for those businesses that have issues that are highlighted by the diagnostic process.

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